Emotion Code
How can the Emotion Code help you?

Your body is an amazing lie detector! It also knows instinctively what is good or bad for you. The Emotion Code uses kinesiology muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious mind to find the truth. Through this method we can have an intelligent conversation with ourselves to find & eliminate “emotional baggage” that has been stuck, having an effect on our health and mindset.

When releasing trapped emotional energies, it allows the heart to open up, making it easier to connect with people & allow us to truly love ourselves. Positive energy is what boosts our body into recovery naturally. Once an emotion is identified, it is released using a magnet down our Governing Meridian Channel which can reduced pain instantly.

It can help bring the mind as well as the body, back into balance. Help easing physical discomfort, reset emotional programs such anxiousness, grief, anger.

It helps bring more Love Joy, Happiness & Abundance into our lives.