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Detox, Repair         & Enhancement

Are you experiencing symptoms in the body?

Do you feel stuck in a negative mindset?

Are you ready to take a journey of healing to improve yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Everything is Energy!✨️

The physical, emotional and energy field closely affect one another.

They all are deeply connected, and to treat symptoms, whether physical or emotional, we need to identify where the hidden imbalance is coming from.

As a Kinesiologist, Massage Therapist and Energy Healer, I help women on their road to recovery using specialised modalities such as K.O.R.E Therapy, Emotion Code & Somatic Bio-Energetics Tantric Massage.

The body doesn’t lie & through muscle testing, we can get intelligent information from the physical body, subconscious mind & energy field, as to how we can treat to speed up recovery.

I use a range of physical treatments from
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine & Energy Medicine, depending on what information is received through the arts of muscle testing.

A look at some of our


K.O.R.E Therapy

Emotion Code

Traditional Chinese Cupping

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